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by Gerard Condal

Universo.Blue is my personal website, a personal project in which I try to describe my approach to diving and offer my services as diving instructor and guide. My name is Gerard Condal, nice to meet you.

If you speak Catalan, Spanish or English and want to learn to dive or just dive for fun, you are in the right place!

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Some words they say about me

“Gerard means good mood inside and outside the water. On top of being a responsible “daddy” that makes me feel safer, he helps a lot to make this sport something very exciting. It was a pleasure to met him and dive together… and I hope it was not the last time we do it!”

Maite Larra

PADI Advanced Open Water

“If you want to feel safe and learn to become a good diver, Gerard is a very good instructor. He takes always care about you and make things simple and safe. I’ll always remember when we were together, surrounded by sharks, short on air on the safety stop, and with a good judgment you managed the situation in a good way. With him you are in good hands.”

Jose García

PADI Advanced Open Water

“Gerard is very close and attentive. He takes time to explain all you need to clarify any concept in a very pleasant way. Always ready. He creates a safe and relaxed atmosphere that converts a dive into something very relaxing and unique. Perfect balance :)”

Hugo Fernández

PADI Open Water

My dive sites

I got my first diving certification in South East Asia and I was diving there later during my holidays in several contries: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. I’ve been diving also in Crete and Egypt for pleasure.

My professional training as Divemaster and Instructor took place in Barcelona, and here is where I looged the bigger number of dives thanks to my work as Divemaster.

But there is still a lot to discover!

Discover your “raison d’être” with the Japanese concept Ikigai

According to Japanese culture, we all have an Ikigai… a “raison d’être”. Finding it is a deep and often long process that can only be done by oneself. Find out more about the concept and start working to discover the reason for being in you.

The communication skills of the diving instructor

Especially during diving courses, but also in any immersion, the communication skills of the diving instructor are key to create a climate of confidence. Discover how to communicate to be a good instructor.

The power of the gaze underwater

The eyes are a great element of expression of emotions and mood but often we are not able to hold our eyes on people. While diving, you can improve this ability and recognize people’s state and be more empathic. Come and discover the power of the gaze being underwater.

The PADI Open Water Diver course, a truly unforgettable experience

Watch an official video about the PADI Open Water Diver course, the most popular course to start the adventure of the underwater world.

Reasons behind Universo.Blue

After a career in branding and business I am now focused on the training of divers. Let’s see where this approach will bring me: I’m excited to see what happens when I combine my interests in Education, Business and Diving.

Some benefits of diving

PADI uses the slogan of “Diving is fun”. I totally agree with that concept… Check the faces of people coming out of the water after a good dive and I’m sure you’ll buy the concept too 🙂 But, there are many other benefits that might occur around diving. Wanna know them?

Season’s greetings

May the flame of inner happiness never turn off! Enjoy these days!...

Diving with sharks and other creatures at the Red Sea

I was lucky to be part of a diving trip at the Read Sea organized by Buceo Hispania Barcelona on board of M/Y Blue Melody, one of the vessels of the Blue o Two fleet based in Hurgada. Check my post about it!

For a cleaner sea

Underwater cleaning day around Buceo Hispania Barcelona, organized by the NGO Sin Pasaje de Vuelta.

We are Open Water Scuba Instructors

A new PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in the world! The official starting point of a new period for myself 🙂

Watch the video of my last diving trip to Egypt

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