Discover Scuba Diving

Have you ever thought about trying scuba diving and discovering the great sensation of being able to breath and explore underwater but are not sure if you’d feel comfortable? Then this program is for you!

Discover Scuba Diving
is an official PADI program

The Discover Scuba Diving program

With the Discover Scuba Diving, you’ll be able to experience diving in a relaxed, controlled and supervised way. You’ll learn the main diving principles and experience them first hand, which will help disolve any doubts or fears about diving.

The course takes half a day and includes:


Briefing knowledge review


Confined waters experience


Open waters experience

Starting at (€)

Minimum days

Although this is not a certification, you’ll get a taste of diving and be able to discover if this is your thing. If so, then you might be ready to move forward and obtain your Open Water Diver certification. Note that with the PADI DSD, you can accomplish the Open Water course faster because the DSD convalidates 1st confined and open water sessions of the Open Water.

If you already know that being underwater is your thing, jump to the Open Water course!

Interested to try a dive with the program Discover Scuba Diving?