Other Courses

Improve your diving skills almost like a pro.
Or even become a professional recreational diver!

All courses are PADI

EFR – Emergency First Response

Gain confidence as a lay rescuer and increase your willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Learn simple to follow steps for emergency care and practice applying skills in a nonstressful learning environment.

Speciality Diver

Go deep into a diving topic and become a specialist from it. To do so, you have to complete the knowledge review an 3 or 4 dives depending on the speciality. There are many specialities in diving, but you can develop the following with me
Deep Speciality
Enriched Air Speciality
Emergency Oxygen Provider Speciality
Night Diver Speciality
Wreck Speciality
Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality
Project Aware Speciality
Aware Coral Reef Conservation Speciality

Rescue Diver

Expand your knowledge and diving experience to look further than yourself. You’ll learn to take care of others and consider the security and health of all the team involved. Discover basic techniques to prevent problems, manage unplanned situations or accidents and learn to act in a resolutive way in front of emergencies.


Develop your leadership skills to work as a real professional in the diving industry. Learn new problem solving techniques and incorporate supervision and management strategies. You’ll be prepared to guide dives on your own in front of the customers and act as a certified assistant in PADI courses.

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