Happy to receive the award of Elite Instructor 2018

I’m very happy with the official recognition of my efforts in the training of divers throughout 2018. Not only I could guide a lot of dives with already certified divers or show the underwater world to many new people but I also was able to certify more than 100 divers, among Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Divers. Thanks to PADI for the official recognition with the Elite Instructor badge!



Let’s recap on this busy season

The diving season reached it’s end this year in Barcelona. I’m very happy of the busy summer and a good season in general, despite the usual rains during the last weeks of the season.



It was actually a wonderful experience to work at Buceo Hispania Barcelona and be able to participate in many activities related to the training of diving or just diving for fun! I could develop my instructor skills and put everything in practice reaching the following outcomes:

  • 84 new Open Water certifications
  • 99 total certifications
  • More than 200 dives (including training and fun dives)
  • More than 300 divers participating in my activities



The importance of a good judgment

The good judgement is a very important quality for all the professionals in recreational diving. We know it’s annoying to meet together for a diving course, having all day booked in our agendas, and cancelling a dive due to bad weather or sea conditions. But all the decisions taken are for the good purpose of offering safe and efficient training! And you should always decide if you enter or not the water according to the performance level of all the participants. People should feel comfortable underwater to enjoy the experience. There is no need to place them in stressful situations. Now, after rescheduling, time to go home 😉



The PADI Open Water Diver course, a truly unforgettable experience

Watch an official video about the PADI Open Water Diver course, the most popular course to start the adventure of the underwater world.

The video explains the experience of a random diver who starts her adventure on her holidays, a very common way to make a first step into diving. She explains how good is the Open Water Diver course to meet people with a similar approach to life although they might come from different countries, backgrounds or ages.

Within the course, she gets used to the diving equipment and becomes more and more comfortable with it, gaining the confidence needed to be able to experience breathing underwater. As you can see, the Open Water Diver course is based on step-by-step practice and repetition to incorporate in an easy way all the learning points and requirements. The PADI system is made to make things easy.

With this course, you will discover a totally different world and will be surrounded by things you’ve never seen before. As she explains in the video, open yourself to experience new things and be surprised by the way things move underwater. It’s a great experience quite similar to weightlessness!



Are you ready to discover this new environment? It’s only in your hands to find a dive center or a diving instructor and enter this new world of diving. I’m sure you’ll not regret!

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