The importance of a good judgment

The good judgement is a very important quality for all the professionals in recreational diving. We know it’s annoying to meet together for a diving course, having all day booked in our agendas, and cancelling a dive due to bad weather or sea conditions. But all the decisions taken are for the good purpose of offering safe and efficient training! And you should always decide if you enter or not the water according to the performance level of all the participants. People should feel comfortable underwater to enjoy the experience. There is no need to place them in stressful situations. Now, after rescheduling, time to go home 😉



Jellyfish invasion in Barcelona

Hello jellyfish!! Today we did a dive with hundreds of jellyfish and thousands of jellyfish larvas and polyps. Jellyfish look like aliens… their smooth movements are really weird but very beautiful! The whole situation, swimming through living particles, was definitely like being in another world…



Video by Oscar Cobo (@oscar.bhb) of Buceo Hispania Barcelona!