Discover your “raison d’être” with the Japanese concept Ikigai

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”, but in English it’s commonly translated with the french word “raison d’être”. According to Japanese culture, we all have an Ikigai… finding it is a deep and often long process that can only be done by oneself. And the process of finding it is fundamental because when it is found, it leads to satisfaction and the sense of life.

I am not really into Japanese culture. But the other day, when my friend Mariona showed me this concept, I quickly understood that if one can combine passion, mission, vocation and profession, it makes sense to think that he or she will reach considerable states of fulfillment.



There is a lot of information about this concept, including a talk at TED. I invite you to do some research or at least think about it. And I wish you luck, and wish it also for myself, so that we can all be able to find our place in the world! Let’s get down to business and find the Ikigai!