Dive for Fun 

Are you already a certified diver and need a buddy?
Let’s go diving together.

I can accompany certified divers into their adventures. The best way to improve diving is by enjoying it. The more you go underwater and participate in pre-dive and post-dive procedures, the better is the understanding of diving principles and therefore, there it comes the improvement.

When we dive together, I’ll point the opportunities of improvement and offer tips for a better experience together and in the future.

Being a PADI Open Water Scuba Instrutor, I can guide all the process off a dive, sharing knowledge and interesting information with all the people involved. This is a great way to learn how to make a good briefing, how to set up all the equipment, which is the best way to start the dive, how to behave in front of an unplanned situation… and maybe a better chance to see or identify underwater creatures.
Having a buddy which is an instructor, it’s also a good decision concerning your own safety and the safety of the sea. We are trained to double check many procedures, apply a good judgment to all the decisions concerning the dive and to leave a positive footprint wherever we go.

Diving is fun. That’s true. But dive responsible!

Not sure about what diving can bring to you on top of having fun?
Read my article and discover the benefits of diving!

Would you like to arrange a dive? Let’s get in touch, and I can make you a proposal to dive together.

Do you want to learn something new in your fun dive and become speciality diver?