“It was a pleasure to dive with him! And also to have him as a dive buddy under the water: he inspires security and relaxation. Thanks for everything during our trip in the Red Sea. I wish we buddy again!”

Javi Rodríguez

PADI Advanced Open Water

“The extra quality of the training is not given by the organization that certifies, but by the person who teaches the course. With Gerard this is guaranteed.”

Vicente Vega

FECDAS National Instructor 2 Stars (IN2E)

“Gerard means good mood inside and outside the water. On top of being a responsible “daddy” that makes me feel safer, he helps a lot to make this sport something very exciting. It was a pleasure to met him and dive together… and I hope it was not the last time we do it!”

Maite Larra

PADI Advanced Open Water

“He passes his passion about diving and converts your experience into something different and exciting.”

Belén Izquierdo

PADI Open Water

“If you want to feel safe and learn to become a good diver, Gerard is a very good instructor. He takes always care about you and make things simple and safe. I’ll always remember when we were together, surrounded by sharks, short on air on the safety stop, and with a good judgment you managed the situation in a good way. With him you are in good hands.”

Jose García

PADI Advanced Open Water

“Gerard is very close and attentive. He takes time to explain all you need to clarify any concept in a very pleasant way. Always ready. He creates a safe and relaxed atmosphere that converts a dive into something very relaxing and unique. Perfect balance :)”

Hugo Fernández

PADI Open Water